gentle & effective
$ 29.95 

all purpose cleaner

This is our most consistent and reliable cleaner that can be used for all purposes. Made from seaweed + soybean oils this natural product is gentle and effective, non-toxic, food safe, pet safe, + baby safe.

where to use

use for all your cleaning needs. removes dirt and grease from all surfaces. can serve as a glass cleaner, stain remover, and a fruit and vegetable wash.

how to use

pour half of the concentrate into the spray bottle and fill the rest with water. spray and swipe. For tough stains or marks, let sit for a couple minutes first. when cleaning sinks, tubs, or grout, we recommend using bon ami or baking soda. spray the all purpose cleaner over it and create a scrub. let it sit for a bit for most wonder-inducing results.

in the kit

spray kit includes a 16-ounce cleaning bottle and 3.2-ounces of cleaning concentrate. this bottle was designed to be pleasing to the eye and to serve as an invitation to find joy in the cleaning process.

select your scent preference


$ 29.95 
swedes often say, “borta bra man hemma bäst” which literally means away is good, but home is best.
your home, should feel like home.
“I would heartily recommend hemma to anyone. my house always feels, smells, and is wonderfully clean after they finish. Grace and Blaire are prompt, thoughtful, friendly, and so conscientious. I look forward each time to my appointment.”